LED Lighting

LED lights are available for use in all applications and on average use 80% less electricity and last 5 times longer than conventional lights.

  • LED (Light Emitting Diode). There are two types of LED lighting; Mains voltage and Low voltage, both of which operate on DC voltage via converters, either in the lamp itself or in the Driver.
  • Mains voltage LED lamps are simple and can be used to replace a conventional light source, when they both have the same lamp holder requirements.
  • LED lighting works by passing a current through a diode element. Where a conventional lamp heats up a filament, which then glows, an LED gives off light when current flows through it, with almost no heat generated. An LED runs cool and is ideal where heat is an issue.
  • LED lighting is quoted as “Fit and Forget” because of the long lifespan of each lamp, some lamps are quoted as high as 100,000 hours and even more, due to the lamps low running temperature and mechanical robustness of construction.
  • LED lighting technology is moving fast with LED lamp variety ever increasing. LED lamps are becoming available in much brighter outputs and smaller sizes, the major leap here has been the ability to produce white light as opposed to the original coloured only LED lamps, and the capacity to extract more light from the same amount of power.
  • Low voltage LED lamps require a transformer (Driver). The transformer converts the 230 volts into either usually 12 or 24 volts DC.
  • LED lighting is far more efficient than both conventional and modern “Low-Energy” Lamps.
  • When choosing an LED it is important to look at the overall light output of each lamp, to decide whether the light source will give you the required amount of illumination.
  • LED lighting can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations.
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